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Thrupe Lite was originally dedicated to the cave dig at Thrupe Swallet (the "original" 1930s dig site) and Thrupe Lane Swallet, on the Mendip Hills north west of Wells, in Somerset, UK.   Unfortunately, neither site yielded its secrets to the diggers.   ATLAS members now are now digging in the Quarries at Fairy Cave & Windsor Hill and, indeed, elsewhere.

Thrupe Lite has the discomfort and effort involved in cave digging carefully processed out in our laboratories.   This makes it a healthier and much more enjoyable experience than cave digging.

Thrupe Lite gives you the authentic feel of cave digging without the need to go underground.  You can see and hear the diggers from the comfort of your chair.   Above all,  it is clean.   After viewing Thrupe Lite,  there is no need to hose down your clothes to wash out the mud.

If you have stumbled into this hole as a non-caver, the best advice might be to back out now before it's too late.   However, if you really must continue, then you may want something by way of introduction.
If so,
don't get stuck like this man.....

Look at some basic information.

For the rest of you, I am afraid that you are on your own.


Before we start, how about a bit of culture?

"In Stygian cave forlorn,
'Mongst horrid shapes and shrieks and sights unholy,
Find out some uncouth cell
Where brooding darkness spreads his jealous wings
And the night raven sings;
There under ebon shades and low-brow'd rocks
You lie, while water slowly soaks into your socks."

80% John Milton (L'Allegro ca. 1630), 20% Tony Audsley (2003)

If you want even more culture read . . .

Enough of that - What is there to see?

Basic Info
Answers a few basic questions, about cave digging and how to get more information.   Also "Why Ferret Shed?", "What is the meaning of life?", Etc.
Balch Cave Information
Background information on the current dig in Balch Cave, article reprints and a couple of surveys.
(Latest: 02-Jan-2008).
Ferret Shed
The Ferret Shed was the home of the ATLAS diggers and its name is used for the homepage of this website.   It contains the digging log and sometimes general news items. The digging log contains highlights from the cave digs in Fairy Cave Quarry and also snippets of information about other Mendip cave digs.   It does not attempt to give a full coverage of cave digging activity on Mendip; see Mendip News in Descent for the broader picture.
The Digging Log Archive
The archive stretches back all the way to the dark days of 2002 and is a riveting read ~ if you like that sort of thing.
The Thrupe Archive
Archive of words and photographs relating the Thrupe Lane Swallet and Thrupe Swallet digs.
(Thrupe PhotoArchive relocated here: 17-Nov-2006 )
Pictures from the Digging Log
A collection of photographs from the digging log, plus a few extras.
Latest: 2 October 2007
ATLAS Annual Reports
The ATLAS Annual Reports, which summarise our digging activity year by year.   They cover the period 2000 - 2007.   Print them out and read them in bed.   They are a better sleeping draught than 16 pints and they do not overfill the bladder.
Gonzo's Art Gallery  
A collection of dig sketches by Mark (Gonzo) Lumley.
(Latest: 16-Oct-2007)
External Links
All external links are collected here.
timber2.jpg (15K)
Real Timbering !
(Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland)

The Digging Log 1999 - 2009

THRUPELITE is a spin-off from the original THRUPE website, which was started in 1999 to chronicle the digging at Thrupe Swallet.   Since that time, a 'digging log' has been published on a more or less weekly basis.   I think that ten years is enough and that it is now time to let someone else take the log on.

The ThrupeLite website will continue, with occasional alterations and additions.   The digging log updates have been taken on by Paul Stillman (good man) and may now be found at:-

Tony Audsley - his mark
Tony Audsley.

NOTE: Alas, Paul has also given up his log, so that looks like the end of the tale for now.

Tony Audsley - his mark

See the NEWS ARCHIVE for 1999 - 2009 log entries

For info on ATLAS diggers see