Archive of the Thrupe Swallet
Thrupe Lane Swallet (Old Wells Road)

Photo Archive
Photo archive of the dig at Thrupe Swallet and the Old Wells Road dig in Thrupe Lane Swallet..
An outline of the history of the Thrupe Swallet dig - from 1936 to the start of the ATLAS digging - plus a bit over.   (Latest addition: 08-Apr-2006)
Survey (Thrupe Swallet)
A survey of the dig (12 October 2003).   The total passage length in the dig is now approx. 750ft and the vertical range is about 235ft.   Also survey of the surface features showing the relationship with Thrupe Lane Swallet.
Dowsing Results
Results of some dowsing carried out in the field to the south of the dig at Thrupe Swallet.
Survey (Bleak Hall & Old Wells Road Digs - Thrupe Lane Swallet)
Hopefully, sorts out the confusion.   Bleak Hall, Poltergeist, Bamboo Aven, Old Wells Road.  So many names - so little passage!   (The survey now includes the dig at the end of the Old Wells Road).
(Latest: 26-Feb-2006)
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